a wild road

i remember it so clearly, the spring of my senior year, i was 17. i had no idea what i planned to do with my life & at that point i didn’t really care.
i was driving down the highway, away from the tiny rural kansas town where i grew up. windows down, stereo on full blast, hair wild with the wind.
there are times when i’m really consciously searching for answers, but this wasn’t one of those times. as i’m thinking of nothing in particular, vibing hard to the music, out of nowhere it hits me. like an instant download from a faster-than-usb cable from the universe.
this huge, overwhelming effervescent bubbling explosion of passion & vision.
i need to take photos. i need to tell stories. i need to travel.
i need to be a documentarian of the beauty of earth & human spirit.
a light came on. the comfort this gave my soul, the absolute true-ness of this resonated deeply in me, with a brilliant harmony.
it was a couple more years before i had saved enough money to buy my first real camera.

as i earned & saved money from my waitressing job, i would run away with my friends on little adventures every chance that i could
. i couldn’t stop photographing everything. the more i listened to that inner sound, urging me to create, to keep exploring & keep going, the more i felt like i was stepping into myself. into the outward physical expression of my soul.
flash forward a few years, & it’s 2013. my boyfriend, nick, & i began a still ongoing process of minimizing. we sold most of our belongings & moved from our house to an apartment, then into our car & drove west. now, we call the west coast home, but are usually somewhere on the way to the next destination.
we’ve been living nomadically, on the road off & on for the last few years. when we explain our lifestyle, the response is always different. sometimes we meet others who are on a similar path. other times we’re met with incredulous looks, lots of questions, snide remarks, or just plain confusion.
so, we’ve decided to start this blog, about our experiences.


we’re really excited to share our journeys & dreams with you. not just hyped up, overly curated instagram versions (although you can find us there too…) we want to share the truth of our travels, the feelings, lessons, mystical magic of the road & the awful dark side too.

traveling is about a lot more than the final cull of pristine, edited images.
it takes you deep. it stretches your heart & soul, sometimes it challenges all you thought you knew.
with the curiousity & exhilaration of life on the road comes a whole lot of fear & uncertainty. so many tears of both wondrous joy & tragic reality.
maybe we’ll leave out the worst of it. (like maybe i’ll save the bits about tag-team diarrhea
& the mysterious rash that made all the skin peel off my toes until we’re a few glasses of wine deep…)
but, like with most things that are worth it,
some days are so difficult it feels like the only thing keeping me afloat is the memory that once the dream was alive.
& some days i’m filled with so much bliss it feels like i’m flying.

our goal is to share the inspiration & hope that we’ve found in connection with the earth & the beauty of humanity.
this world can appear to be a huge, terrifying, unfriendly place. it can also feel safe & comfortable. sleeping outside on the ground, under the stars is like a huge hug. meeting a stranger can feel like a reunion of old friends. there’s always something beautiful to appreciate, everywhere you look. your thoughts matter. your perspective shapes your reality.
love is the connecting force between all of us- our hearts are powerful & wise. each of us can make this earth brighter, fuller with love, with every step we take & word we speak.
we have lots of stories to share, & we want to hear your’s too. we encourage you to send us a message & check back with us from time to time.
you can sign up to get our monthly postcards from the road in your inbox here.
we’ll even mail you one from the road (yeah, the old fashioned way!!) if you’re into it!
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love from us, wherever we are, to you, wherever you may be.
xo – chelsea & nick


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