portals to somewhere in the mojave

the earth in the mojave desert feels familiar with a wise & gentle knowingness.

it feels like, maybe the inside of an ancient womb. or that place between your arms, where you can feel into the deepest point in your heart.
there’s a nostalgic comfort. my bones & nerves rest easily here.

the barren landscape is vibrant & alive with primordial energy.

i’m soothed by the neon sunsets, gusting night winds, a sky so vast that you sleep in the stars.
coyotes howl into the cold sunrise, feelings crescendo into the smothering heat & blanketing sun at the peak of the day.

this place exhausts & recharges you, simultaneously.
let yourself get lost in the expanse. you’ll find what you need. a mirage, a house of mirrors, an oasis.

the desert has a way of looking right into you, taking your hand, & introducing you to yourself.

further posts in the desert series to come.


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